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How to Develop a Test Plan for Websites

Building a test plan that works for every business process is a challenge as each works in a different way. However, if you look at the way businesses function its processes represent the miniature forms of broader machinery. Similar to the way the businesses are developed around a concept, processes also take form.

Performance testing comes when the product is already developed, and waits debugging. In other cases it may be just a step to assess the current performance of the business or website. So here we consider the product has passed through the stages of conceptualization, feasibility study, flowchart, and development. However, testing has to be carried out at every stage of development to ascertain whether the intended objective is achieved.

A website development team consists of web designer, developer, content development and search engine optimization individuals who work on different aspects of the website. Key performance indicator (KPI) elements in web development would be graphical user interface design, navigation, speed of loading, and search engine optimized content.

Graphical user interface design

A website should essentially reflect the underlying concept which defines the business and its processes. Formal themes go for legal, medical, business, and government websites, whereas advertising, entertainment, fine art or related websites can flaunt creative and casual tone.


Content in the website should have backlinks that lead the user to useful information. As users spend only a few minutes to browse web pages, you need to capture the attention within those couple of minutes. Cluttered arrangement can only increase the frustration for the user.

Loading speed

The nimbler the website enhanced will be the user experience. You need to have lighter images, accurate codes, crisper content, and well-defined navigation for the website to function faster.

Search engine optimized content

A website with targeted content that addresses the user requirement and presents the firm’s products and services effectively increases chances of appearing in search. Also, the content should be strong in grammar and ideation which grips the reader’s attention.

Once the website is tested for those elements, other web analytics come into the picture. But prior to that, web spiders need to crawl on your site and index the elements in it. So you can work with analytics after your website starts performing fetching organic results.

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Web analytics

Web analytics reveal details regarding hits, page views, bounce rates, page view duration, click paths, clicks, etc. The pages a user visits, time spent on pages, buttons clicked, sequence of page views, all say something about the website. It exposes the areas where your website struggles to deliver the intended results.

Responsive web designing

The way your website is accessed via different mobile devices tells volumes about user experience. Websites optimized for easy viewing enhance user experience resulting in more subscriptions and conversions.

Key performance indicator enables businesses eliminate loopholes in the website and ensure the best experience for the customers.

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How to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

Making money via internet has been the hot topic of discussion for some time, and promoting affiliate products through blogs is one such method. PPC, display, and banner ads, email marketing, blogs, and articles are some of the techniques used for the purpose. Some individuals and firms inspired by these concepts achieved great success, while others failed due to many obvious reasons.

In this blog we will explore ways for a successful promotion of affiliate products. But before stepping in to test the waters we need to know what is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

It is a technique where businesses reward the individuals whose online efforts bring conversions for them. Be it a well-designed landing page, review or coupon code post, how to article, email marketing blog, banners sidebar, or testimonial, affiliate marketing has helped people unlock fortune.

Here are some of the insights that will help you fine tune your promotion strategy and earn huge bucks via internet.

Review posts

Choose the product you like the most and write a review post about it. This helps you break the ice as a conversational tone will make people readily connect with you. By doing so you’ll be directly addressing the individuals’ looking for questions on the product.

Featured posts

You definitely want your blog post to offer something interesting. A featured post is one which appears when your blog posts are opened, making them directly visible to the readers. Options to activate this feature may be available in the publishing visibility settings.

Coupon code posts

When was the last time you used coupon code to get a discount on your movie ticket or product purchase? I bet it was recently, as these days’ businesses often use this technique to push products and clear stocks of the month. You can write affiliate blog posts offering the product along with its code, and making it irresistible for your readers.

Email lists

Sometimes they can work alone, sometimes they need blending for the right effect. Email auto responders help you connect better with your readers and notify them individually and wholly when a new blog or review comes up in your offering list. As the internet is flooded with many sources you’d not like your voice lost in strident noises of the crowd.


What kind of banners you allow on your blog page? Banners featuring similar products will only confuse the readers (e.g., Avast Antivirus and AVG Antivirus). You can choose banners of products with different features, or tools of a particular product niche, and encourage more click-through rates (CTR). If your content is about different products use Ad Rotate plug-in to let it automatically choose banners based on your products.

Testimonial power

Testimonials about a product, service, or content builds trust about the offering. Even when you share the content for free initially, remember that you are building a broader audience base that would follow your activities regularly.