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5 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Getting more people to view your YouTube videos involves more than merely creating hype. It involves careful scripting and planning of video, structuring of video content, social media activities, developing connections, etc. As YouTube videos are a great source of training, humor, entertainment, news, and promotion, you need to figure out where your video stands amidst the crowd.

Developing videos keeping your audience in view helps get many views and likes. Some of the tips mentioned here may help you prepare a strategy that really works.

Script your YouTube ideas

Creating a popular video showing funny acts of a kid or a puppy may not need much planning, rather require a good video camera, right timing, and some editing work, accompanied by punch lines. If your video needs to convey a message along with capturing the audience’s interest you need to script the complete experience.

Create a live content

During the initial stages of creating YouTube videos, most people skip suggestions on completing the content, whereas some write just to complete the procedure. Content is the soul of your video and you cannot risk ignoring them. You need to make sure if the content really reflects what you want to convey through your video. YouTube video includes elements such as title, description, and annotation and should be carefully written to attract the audience.

Right keywords, right way

Believe it or not, the keywords are inseparable part of online content, irrespective of whether it is an interesting image or YouTube video. Search engines read them to fetch better results for the users, just like the way the audience does to understand what’s in a video. Whether it is a title or description, the right keywords enhance the user views and clicks. You need to do a little research about the trending keywords related to the topic and use them sharply and effectively keeping your video context in view.

Subscribing and sharing videos

Getting more views on your videos does not mean aggressively posting, and promoting your videos everywhere. Connecting with the people who share similar interests and subscribing to their videos not only develops goodwill, but also creates a closely knitted group to share your ideas and videos. When you open your mind to appreciate others’ ideas they respond by extending their goodwill.

Sharing on social media

Social networking is another way to connect with people and share your experience. YouTube has options to share videos on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Blogger, or other networks by logging in through social media credentials. Alternatively, you may copy the URL and post it in your social media timeline or blog. If your video is humorous and also accompanied by live content it is sure to attract many viewers. If you think a particular friend or colleague may like the video or find it useful, you can help them watch it by tagging their user names in the social media post.
Conveying a message or sharing a humorous or fun moments through videos helps people easily connect with your ideas. Planning your YouTube videos through scripts, using content to arouse the interest of the audience and let search engine get more views.

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