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How to generate leads through Facebook


Knowing how to generate leads through or using Facebook keeps your phone ringing with calls of potential clients! Facebook is a powerful social media platform to connect with friends, family, followers, customers and clients. And when it comes to converting leads, it opens galore of options to make your clients love you.

Facebook is one of the important source on how to generate leads through online social media

Ways to connect and generate leads using Facebook

For a social butterfly, Facebook means sharing photos and videos, and updating status of whereabouts. But for a social media marketer it’s about connecting with people, creating leads, and bringing business to the company. Facebook comes bundled with exciting networking options to connect with millions.


Offers and competitions

Everyone loves offers and competitions, as they hold some surprising packages and gifts! Use this chance to give away your products and services as promotional offers, and also build customer loyalty. Run Facebook sweepstakes ,contests,campaigns and group offers to get your customers involved.

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Customized tabs get leads

You’ve many things to offer – newsletters, ebooks, pre-loaded webinars, and gifts; get customized tabs that allow the users to share their emails and access the goodies in store for them. But make sure, you use their email to develop trust instead of sending data that spoil your business reputation.


Don’t be a spammer

Your business mailers can become boring junk and end up as spam mails! Intelligently planned Facebook campaigns can prevent that and make your customer love to subscribe those business mails. But make sure to make those mailers interesting and rich with content.


Content speaks

Your clients hunt for something interesting and useful, take care you include the best content that gives everything they want. A boring content on your Facebook can lose them forever.

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Beautiful images seal the deal

Get images, plenty of them, to make your Facebook world look vibrant. Images speak much more than words. Get right images, designed to convey the message of your content; or get them the ethical way.


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