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2015 World Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing services in India and the world are seeing a dramatic shift. A year is too long for a digital world with lots of hypes and happenings experienced in a short span of time. Businesses use newer techniques to reach the world using different digital media strategies leveraging Google search algorithms.

2015 World Digital Marketing Trends 

Prepare for search engines
If you want customers to know about your business search engine optimization is very important for your website, as search algorithms are changing frequently to fetch genuine results. Don’t be surprised to know that results on Google SERP are the outcome of nearly 500-600 time search algorithm updates! No doubt there are other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo to bring your businesses in search, but they have own search algorithms to get the results right.

Smartphones for social media

Another surprising finding as per comScore report reveals that percentage of social media users on smartphone grew to 90% in a span of 2013-15. This highlights that more social media users are using smartphone to surf the net instead of computer.

Digital media not without problems
Digital media interactive marketing comprises of digital marketing solutions such as social media, PPC campaign management services,E-mailers, etc. But the rise in smartphone users does not mean smartphone solves everything for digital marketers, as revealed by Jumio and Harris Interactive findings. The study found that around 56% of smartphone users stopped mobile transactions due to hassles best known to online retailers.

Businesses need to work on many pain points starting from content optimization, website performance, online transaction security, and trust worthiness to finally reach their customers. Those who can score on all these elements can reap greener pastures in the virtual world.

 Stop depending on Google.

Don’t misinterpret this point. I’m not pretending that Google is not on its way out. After more than a decade of domination, however, it may be on the decline. Up-and-comers like Duck Duck Go aren’t anywhere near dethroning Google GOOGL +0.75%. What their rise indicates is that consumers want alternatives — a choice not to depend on Google if they don’t have to.

Marketers should take heed. Google is one basket, but it doesn’t deserve all your marketing eggs. Search engine optimization is important, but a searcher can accomplish her goal through more means than just Google.

I advise digital marketers to rely less on Google, and engage more direct forms of interacting with their target market.

 Mobile. Just mobile.

I wanted to say that “mobile dominates,” but that line is so utterly cliche, that I had to state it differently.

The importance of mobile search, mobile optimization, mobile conversions, and mobile ubiquity cannot be overstated. Mobile devices and our collective addiction to them are fixtures of the modern marketing era.

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