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Best platform for designing your personal website

A personal website is very crucial for individuals to showcase their products and services. However, designing a professional website involves a lot more than just content. You need to develop the right content, design best user interface, and choose the best platform to host your website. Many CMS sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Jekyll, Weebly, and Blogger make blogging a breeze of an experience. If you want to develop a hard performing website, the ones such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and Drupal may be the preferred options.

What’s your requirement?

Individual website requirements change based on purposes such as blogging, news, eCommerce, and community. For personal needs you may not require complex platforms that run the bulk of various plugins, whereas html sites may not give a richer and powerful performance. Understanding your requirement before investing hugely on websites is very important.


If you need a static website and nothing more, Jekyll which is written in Ruby must be enough. Sites developed on Jekyll are simpler, faster, and lighter as they do not have bulky databases. With no options to look for errors in PHP codes, Jekyll is a safer bet compared to WordPress.


If you are an ardent blogger and want all required content development tools and plugins available, choose WordPress With seamless support and updates by professionals around the world bugs are fixed even before they are taken advantage of. Giving you options to connect with its community to share your blogs and subscribe to theirs is an added advantage. Written in PHP, it gives you options to publish content with graphics without the knowledge of HTML or PHP.


This easy to download and install content management tool helps you create trendy blogs effortlessly. With lots of themes available to change the feel, Tumblr is a Pandora box of immense possibilities. You can create blogs and share with other Tumblr users and connect with them. With some yearly payment you can get a custom name for your blog.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby has roots in object oriented programming which makes it faster compared to others. Comprehensive open source code collection along with a rapid application development framework delivers flexibility to adapt to changes. Those needing complex functionalities should opt for Ruby on Rails. However, Ruby may seem a bit slow compared to Java or others, which may become even enhanced with improper coding.


Built with PHP, Drupal is a versatile CMS to work with that helps you effortlessly switch between hosts. It has a secure architecture, which makes it an attractive choice of many for developing more complex websites. You can utilize a single code of Drupal to support many websites. Learning Drupal is an uphill task and switching from 6th to 7th update, even tougher.


New Techniques emerged in website development or website development trends in 2015

With mobile media usage recording steep growth over desktop or other media, web designers and developers perceive 2015 as the year of increased workflow. Surfing the web through smartphones is much preferred option these days as it nearly similar to using computers! Multitudes of web apps catering to various purposes and social media advantages have fueled the usage. These in turn have increased the need for custom website development services for user-friendliness.

The result is web designers and developers put their heads together to bring out an array of features to change the definitions of web accessibility and web development services. Here are some web design and development trends anticipated in 2015.

Online guidelines to sideline PDFs

When was the last time your company’s web designer shared a website design and development style guide through mail with everyone? Future may see PDFs lose such usages leading to online manuals that are easily accessed and available for bookmarking. Atlassian website features access to rich, comprehensive tutorial and manuals for resolving tasks.

Pictures with great content

As online readers measure website richness within initial seconds, your data packs chances of sharing if it captures the attention instantly. So the websites featuring high quality images and great content can do the trick. Google Now and Pinterest are good examples for this kind.

Video backgrounds to replace static images

Using static image as home page background is getting out of trend with millions of websites following similar format. If you are lucky you may see some browsers with difference, supporting HTML5 and Flash plugins, and featuring video footage. Fleet Feet Sports is a nice example, which uses video clip at the background that connects with the website’s offerings.

Interactive websites to scale themselves

Future may see websites that scale themselves as per the device you are using. When you have limited screen size to showcase your website why limit its span! Snow Bird excellently achieves it with a responsive design that makes use of screen space and presents its offerings with chirpiness.

User experience testing

Analyzing user reviews and feedbacks to eliminate glitches in your site ensures success. So instead of trying your website or app for feedbacks with limited audience, not entrust the task to the users! Use services such as Applause and Crazy Egg to know how to do that.

Fall in the PC market to over 10 million (around 10%) and rise in smartphone and tablet markets increases demand for responsive website development India. Open source CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, PHP, and Word Press are cutting edge tools that help website development companies futuristic websites that really work.