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6 Top ways to Know How to Spot SEO Spams


Know How to Spot SEO Spams

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most commonly heard term in business circles along with SEO spams. The need to get SEO sites has also induced spammers to send a flurry of spam mails offering <ahref=”http://datascribedigitalmarketing.com/seo-services/” target=”_blank”>best SEO services. Spam emails are no doubt a nuisance to businesses, but they also expose a website’s vulnerability.

With hackers targeting websites and unsuspecting individuals it is not uncommon to see spammy mails in your inbox. But how to locate spam mails and prevent frustrating popups and mails, or phishing? Here are some tips to identify SEO spams.

Fury of junk mails

Getting mails claiming to improve your website ranking in Google through best search engine optimization (SEO) strategies? Spammers harvest your email IDs through automated spambots to send junk mails. Even if you block spammer email IDs, they get new ones taking advantage of multiple email ID options in Google, Yahoo, etc.

Company name and ID missing

Sending a business mail mentioning the company name and address, and forwarding the same through company email ID is formal. It is because the mails with relevant information give credibility to business communications. Responding to mails lacking such information exposes you to spam and phishing.

Interesting company address

If the mail contains company address, Google it to check where is it located. Most of the times, you will never find a company with that address. You can also check information such as number, street address, etc. Location numbers such as 1234 or imaginary streets qualify for a place in spam folder.

Showing sky-high dreams

A spammy business mail may boast of using best SEO techniques to help you achieve success and money! Don’t dare to ride such dream clouds because very soon you’ll find that you have travelled too far with no sight of the ground beneath. Unless they define the website analysis and project improvement in real numbers they deserve nothing but doubtful glance.

Language failure a great hint

Spammers may claim to provide SEO internet marketing services from a best SEO company, but the language may not reflect the claim, failing on all grounds. Wouldn’t a company bother to check its mails for language issues, grammar, and typos before pitching them to clients? If no, do you think they can really handle your website content!

Persistent malware

Is your site showing many hyperlinks leading to some spam sites, or opening numerous ads? Probably you have yielded to a spammy offer asking you to install a software (instead a malware) to protect your system. Specifically designed to disturb your system, a malware can hijack your operating system, thus making your browsers behave erratically.
Avoiding these mistakes can save you from falling prey to spam scams. You can take the assistance of trustworthy firms providing best professional SEO services India and other countries, cost-effectively. In case you have accidentally installed a malware, there are many good anti-malware programs to help you get rid of spam ads.