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How PPC Fits into Your online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing involves using techniques such as pay per click advertising (PPC), display ads, mobile advertising, email advertising, etc. In contrast to traditional marketing techniques they help businesses reach global audiences, specifically target products based on parameters such as age group, gender, and interest, saving time as well as money.

Even though many firms are active on digital marketing some bank on organic search for generating leads, while others go on a war footing and take risky methods such as PPC ad campaigns. Some are yet to catch up with the trend and ruminate about the technique just to keep it aside considering it as useless.

Understanding what is pay per click campaign, and how it fits into your online marketing strategy helps one understand the potential of this technique.

Pay to get visibility

Pay per click is an online advertising technique that gives visibility to your business ads through paid online ads. You pay Google to buy certain keywords relevant to your product or service, and for every user click on it. Through this technique you are reaching out to millions of online audience who can be potential customers.

Impressions to build connections

Google displays your PPC ads in the search results for the frequently searched keywords on which you have bid. Every time a PPC ad is displayed on the screen, an impression is said to be created, irrespective of whether the user observes it or not.

Bidding for keywords and conversions

For every user click on your PPC ad you will be charged the PPC bid amount, thus adding to your PPC expenses. Extra care is needed during bidding as the amount may add up to a very big sum, if a limit is not set. Click frauds involve fake clicks generated by competitors as well online bots.

Using tools to check click frauds

Even though the search engine eliminates click frauds and credits the clicks back to advertisers, they need to keep a tab on invalid clicks and report them as invalid clicks deplete the chances of visibility. Using tools such as AdSense Plugin may help when a user clicks on a PPC ad several times.

Get conversions via clicks

Finally, it is not the clicks, but the conversions that matter most to us. Whether the clicks lead to conversion or not, indicates the effectiveness of your PPC ads. However, genuine clicks may create impressions which may bring relevant traffic and in turn conversions.

Spending carefully, not emotionally

You need to carefully decide the bid amount as there are chances of a bidding war over a keyword or ego-based bidding leading to an amount that add up to an amount several times higher than your profit.


PPCs are an excellent choice if you have enough fund for promotion and want to kick start your business. It also gives you an access to online audience, which forms a great source of potential customers.

Brings active visibility

In contrast to organic searches, the paid searches actively push themselves out of the heap of information and show themselves to the customers.

Highly targeted ads

PPC ads use highly searched Google Adwords keywords which are target audience specific and displayed to the right customers, hence increasing the chances of generating loyalty and conversions.

Lean and effective

They are lean, powerful advertisements designed to capture user attention within seconds. How a PPC ad is designed is also important, as ads lacking direction look like junk and get ignored.

Marketing techniques have evolved drastically over the years, thanks to digital marketing. The result, you can reach an audience who is not accessible for direct sales. Pay per click management by a PPC expert acts as the virtual sales tool that helps you achieve what direct sales does for your business, actively coming in the visibility of online users. As the world goes digital, your chances of success lies in adapting to new ways and still remain in the game.