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How to use Google Trends for SEO in 2016

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the top priority of digital marketers since long time due to the immense opportunities available for conversions. Google Trends is an excellent tool to get the most of SEO in 2016. Allowing the users a detailed access to what is trending online can open up unlimited possibilities.

Google Trends features

In this blog we will explore the features of Google Trends and the way SEO professionals can exploit them to their advantage.

  • Explore

Google Trends allows users to search topics based on options such as Worldwide (country specific), 2008-present (time specific), All Categories (topics such as People & Society, Arts & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicles, etc.), and Search options (Web, Image, News, Google Shopping, YouTube). Option to view graphs on various topics is a great way to get an estimate of people’s interests.

  • Trending Searches

Details on trending/rising topics, and number of searches based on time and country enable individuals and businesses having varied interests such as politics, sports, business, etc., get the pulse of the latest happenings. With easily accessible trending news along with other metrics based on region may prove to be an effective tool to channelize social media strategies.

  • Trending on YouTube

This feature in Google Trends fetches trending YouTube videos revealing their local and global views; safety filter option gives safe and uninterrupted access to top videos. Clean interface makes it easier to cover all updates based on days. Considering search engines have affinity for only trending topics, absence of other filtering options can be given an exception. But in case a user wants to search videos based on topics over a stretch of time this may come as a shortcoming.

  • Top Charts

Go to the Google Trends Top Charts and you will find the top search topics 2008 onwards, based on countries. Social media and ecommerce sites which bank on trending topics are sure to make the most of it.

How Google Trends differ from others

Many sites such as Yahoo and Twitter show trending news, but what makes Google Trends different from them all? While Yahoo’s Trending Now leads to Yahoo respective search results, Twitter trending to trending hashtags, Google gives you something else! It creates graphs on trending searches such as “Deadpool,” fetches product queries, and enables you to compare topics.  It also gives away details such as region of interest and trending percentage, which can be of great help for marketers.

Keyword ranking

Keyword ranking is not the favorite criteria for Google this year as it is unreliable due to negative keywording. However, internet marketing professionals can make use of this Google Trends feature to concentrate on the keywords frequently searched by the users and improve their content.

Geo targeting

User queries along with location details and the amount of search reveal the demand for a particular product or service. Search marketers can use this feature to identify the demand and align their marketing strategies towards it.

Newsjacking potboilers

Hot searches option allows digital marketers to work on counter strategies to invite traffic to their blogs and articles. News jacking is the term used for such activities in which commonly talked topics are hijacked to yield newsjackers’ purpose.

Keeping tab on competitors

Using compare option in the Google Trends, the search marketers can monitor the customers’ interest about the competitors’ products. With no need to search for metrics elsewhere, you are better equipped to get a quick insight into your future strategy.