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How brands can protect their reputation in 2016

A firm’s brand reputation is something that makes customers identify your business out of the crowd and keeps them admiring your business over and again for years. It decides how your firm fares among the customers in terms of product or service, after-sales service, social media interaction, response time, problem resolution, etc. In these times when every business wants online presence to reach millions of customers, a fine tuned online brand reputation management is a must.

Brand above online activities

However, there are firms like Apple which have been maintaining their brand presence even before the internet came into existence. If your business philosophy is strong enough to rise about all, the world will obviously recognize your brand without any need of additional strategies.

Making voice heard

These days the world is seeing more entrepreneurs and ideas, making it even more difficult to get your voice heard out of the crowd. However, if your business has the required attributes to serve customers better than others, there’s no reason why you should not publicize and extend it to the online audience as well. Websites, blogs, articles, social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and applications like Skype and WhatsApp are great options to reach the right people and boost your brand marketing.

Speed breaker ahead

Even though social media tools open a wide range of avenues, they are not without hitches. Chances of competitors posting negative comments about your brand, and unsatisfied customers openly airing their poor experience with customer care or products are high. Negative experiences go viral faster, sinking your ship faster than you expected.

Get professional help

You cannot merely leave your website at the mercy of fate. Only a professional approach and tireless efforts to serve customers ensures protection for your brand identity reputation. There are many brand identity firms and tools to effectively handle your brand presence.

Brand reputation management tools

Some of the tools mentioned here can be of great help keeping your brand protected and going great.

  • Trackur

Trackur fetches results mentioning your brand giving you faster option to detect and respond to the people around the world. It is an excellent analytical tool to brace up your marketing strategy to identify marketing efforts which can work positively.

  • ReputationDefender

ReputationDefender lets you manage reputation by removing negative comments about your brand anywhere on the web. It gets your website checked, suggests positive changes, and eliminates negative pages that can show your website in poor light, thus pushing your website results up.

  • Garlik

Identity theft can snatch or malign your identity, draining all your finances and pushing the business into an abyss of problems. Garlik helps you detect the possibilities of data theft and loss of finance, thus keeping you protected while you confidently search the web.

  • Google Alerts

Get alerts about the mention of your brand and gives you control over online reputation management. Google Alerts is free, and an excellent DIY online reputation management service tool that assures safe online experience.

Managing comments

Responses of businesses to the comments of online audience can be a very crucial brand reputation management move that can bring more fans or leave you without any. Professionally handling the comments and using the reputation management tools to eliminate spam, keeps you and your brand safe.
Year 2016 is sure to bring more challenges in brand reputation management with Google working on all loose ends to fetch the right results. Powering your social media profiles with rich and useful content, and professionally managing your firm through online reputation management services keeps you on track.

Brand Reputation – gamble at own risk

Online brand reputation management is the need of the hour with more firms realizing the importance of their online presence. More people are active online using their smartphones to make purchases, browse products and services, and provide valuable feedback to help other customers judge the firms. Reputation, whether positive or negative, is sure to go viral resulting in enhanced growth or fast exit of companies.

Why brand reputation management a Gamble ?

Every move counts, whether you have resolved your customers’ issue effectively or brushed aside the issue with contempt! You might have promised big things to the customer, but delivered a poor quality product and service, or no service at all as the sale was over. Some of these branding facts may help you understand the urgency of the situation.

Are you building trust?

As per Nielsen’s 2014 Global Reputation Study, a new population of tech savvy individuals is active online which assesses the reputation of firms before making a purchase. This is a huge percentage of individuals that can create a great impression about a brand’s web reputation. Having a brand name is not enough, you need to keep track of what your company believes in, it says, and does.

Digital presence for brand identity

Every move, whether it is a communication through email, white paper, or a social media campaign, creates an impression about your company. Now the question for every entrepreneur or a business is whether your online presence and web reputation contributes towards brand marketing? You cannot escape from the fact that customers are watching you round the clock and getting a picture of your brand identity.

Branding across barriers

Many B2B companies had ignored brand reputation management till now, but it is time to rethink about the strategy. Because more companies are fast realizing its importance and working towards brand building and brand awareness. The more clearly and responsibly firms define themselves, their products and services, higher will be the impact on the customers’ mind.

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability.
Simon Mainwaring

Bad reputation leads to exit

Many firms want people to identify their brands either because they are trying for vertical integration or recovering from hitherto ignored public relations. In the latter case even though a firm may become successful in creating a fake image with the clients, but not walking the talk permanently damages its reputation.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.
Seth Godin

Brand an old concept

If you think a brand is a recently developed concept, just think about your favorite cookies of childhood days. Unless that product has failed on quality, stopped making profit for the business, or sidelined by a better product you will still love them; a brand loyalty!
Brand marketing is all about you, your product, service, words, and company. Build your reputation and reap the benefits for years.