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How to reach more people with Google+

Million ways are available in the web to reach people through social platforms, but which one is better – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus (Google+), or something else? The list may seem to only grow, not to mention the tools and techniques which just multiply, leaving you even more confused! Most will prefer social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but Google+ is also not less in any way, but slightly different from them. Let’s explore more about Google+ as most of the others are discussed to the extreme.

At the outset Google+ seems to be out of touch compared to Facebook, but it is on a different ground, giving you endless options to promote yourself and your Google plus business page. Far away from casual looks of Facebook or the geeky feel of Twitter, Google+ looks clean and refined giving an air of monstrous possibilities.

Google My Business

When your business information is available where people search for you, it is obvious that you’ll be frequently found and visited. Features such as locating your businesses on Google Map, easy access to your website or Google+ info across devices, reviews and user experience about your business helps you develop brand presence. You do not have to leave your browser to see customer reviews and respond to their queries.


Sharing your and other’s experiences is a way to develop new connections, and it is easier to develop goodwill here. You may also start conversations about interesting things and use hashtags (e.g., #iPhone) to make them viral, connecting with everyone looking for the same topic and keep them coming with more interesting discussions. The Google Ripples feature is discontinued, but you can still find the discussions about the topics on “activity on this post” option, or search for what people are talking about your brand or interests by creating related hashtags and find them.

Sharing photos

Adding photos on your Google+ lets people understand your preferences better. You can capture corporate events or office happenings and develop a closer bond with people. It is not surprising that many have done it with great success, enjoying more likes and genuine Google plus followers.

Adding and sharing posts

Also, irrespective of whether it is a photo or video you may include “+1” option at the bottom to let the visitors add your post and share option to help others know. Using “@” to tag people along with their ID to let them know you shared something with them. Tagging option may be another way to connect with key influencers in the Google network and reach out to their followers in case they like your post.


With your email contacts readily available for adding as connections in Google+, you can include more friends, colleagues, and Google plus followers, and also create various circles based on your preference. Creating circles make it even easier to share content based on your preference and suitably target your audience.


In Google+ you can find people sharing similar interests and follow them. If they find your posts interesting they may also start following you giving you more exposure. Follow option is a great way to start developing more relevant connections.

Hangouts on Air

Hangouts on Air enables live video sharing and editing to let your audience connect with you better. There cannot be any other simpler way to attract viral views than this to live telecast your business presentations and trainings or store it for future viewing.

Google+ is way too powerful than its deceiving simple looks. In case the firms explore it further they may be hovering around a potent marketing tool. By little research you can learn more about the tricks of reaching more people. If you develop great connections, active communications, and likings of followers, the effect will be visible even in search engine rankings.

How brands can protect their reputation in 2016

A firm’s brand reputation is something that makes customers identify your business out of the crowd and keeps them admiring your business over and again for years. It decides how your firm fares among the customers in terms of product or service, after-sales service, social media interaction, response time, problem resolution, etc. In these times when every business wants online presence to reach millions of customers, a fine tuned online brand reputation management is a must.

Brand above online activities

However, there are firms like Apple which have been maintaining their brand presence even before the internet came into existence. If your business philosophy is strong enough to rise about all, the world will obviously recognize your brand without any need of additional strategies.

Making voice heard

These days the world is seeing more entrepreneurs and ideas, making it even more difficult to get your voice heard out of the crowd. However, if your business has the required attributes to serve customers better than others, there’s no reason why you should not publicize and extend it to the online audience as well. Websites, blogs, articles, social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and applications like Skype and WhatsApp are great options to reach the right people and boost your brand marketing.

Speed breaker ahead

Even though social media tools open a wide range of avenues, they are not without hitches. Chances of competitors posting negative comments about your brand, and unsatisfied customers openly airing their poor experience with customer care or products are high. Negative experiences go viral faster, sinking your ship faster than you expected.

Get professional help

You cannot merely leave your website at the mercy of fate. Only a professional approach and tireless efforts to serve customers ensures protection for your brand identity reputation. There are many brand identity firms and tools to effectively handle your brand presence.

Brand reputation management tools

Some of the tools mentioned here can be of great help keeping your brand protected and going great.

  • Trackur

Trackur fetches results mentioning your brand giving you faster option to detect and respond to the people around the world. It is an excellent analytical tool to brace up your marketing strategy to identify marketing efforts which can work positively.

  • ReputationDefender

ReputationDefender lets you manage reputation by removing negative comments about your brand anywhere on the web. It gets your website checked, suggests positive changes, and eliminates negative pages that can show your website in poor light, thus pushing your website results up.

  • Garlik

Identity theft can snatch or malign your identity, draining all your finances and pushing the business into an abyss of problems. Garlik helps you detect the possibilities of data theft and loss of finance, thus keeping you protected while you confidently search the web.

  • Google Alerts

Get alerts about the mention of your brand and gives you control over online reputation management. Google Alerts is free, and an excellent DIY online reputation management service tool that assures safe online experience.

Managing comments

Responses of businesses to the comments of online audience can be a very crucial brand reputation management move that can bring more fans or leave you without any. Professionally handling the comments and using the reputation management tools to eliminate spam, keeps you and your brand safe.
Year 2016 is sure to bring more challenges in brand reputation management with Google working on all loose ends to fetch the right results. Powering your social media profiles with rich and useful content, and professionally managing your firm through online reputation management services keeps you on track.