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How content marketing builds your business

Content marketing may seem an entirely new concept in building businesses, as it was used in traditional businesses partially without recognition. The term holds true in both the ways – one about marketing the content and another using content to market a product or service. How do you achieve them both without having to go through pains of sales, marketing, financing, etc.?

Content marketing is not an alien topic, as all the aforementioned processes have to deal with content. Whether it is a hilarious video commercial or a quirky image in your inbox with uproarious tagline, the content exists. In other words, content is an integral part of building business.

Informative and promotional

Content marketing is different from copywriting. The former is about marketing your content or information that is either in the form of white paper, blog, article, report, etc. The latter is about promoting that content or information through business emails and effective call to action strategies.

Cake with icing or without

Web content writing is similar to preparing a cake and topping it with icing. Useful content is like a cake for which customers visit your site; delicious cakes sell more, stale ones push them away. If your cake has icing over it and tasty tidbits that ring bells in the minds, you ensure that they come back for more.

Bitter pills or tasty cookies

What would you prefer – a bitter medicine that shakes you all up or an equally potent and tasty cookie that coerces you into following a strict medical regimen and treats you too? Merely capturing the interest without providing useful information creates entertainment not conversions. Customers want easy solutions to solve problems, not highly technical content that leaves them puzzled.

Selling without sounding like a salesman

Search engine optimized – SEO friendly content sells without seeming as a hardcore sales tactic. Content effectiveness is about reaching as many individuals with a single piece of information, and not of testing your verbal strategy on every individual. When it comes to digital content marketing you have only once chance to create million impressions; you either win it or lose.

Doors missing

Providing required information and keeping the readers interested, but missing on leading the customer to the doors of conversion will only confuse them. Include a clear and effective call to action line at the bottom of your mail to make your efforts fruitful.

Harness social media horses

Social media is way too powerful means to reach out to the world. Leaving them astray will not take you anywhere; harness them to chariot using content marketing strategy and lead towards your goal. Speak to your horse (social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) in the language it understands, as every horse is different and takes you to a different world or target audience. Communicate regularly with customers and build better relations.

Testimonials speak when you don’t

Sharing your content freely with some readers in exchange for their testimonials creates a seal of approval for your works. If you get more positive comments, you are just an inch away from the goldmine of customers.