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How brands engage customers through social media

Social media is a fantastic place to find all your customers and keep them involved in your social media and marketing activities. It is also the place where people share genuine experiences about your products and services. Many brands efficiently manage their social media networks working on the finer aspects of social media optimization strategies.

Checking website analytics

Your social media website is more than just an online collection of posts containing text, images, graphics, and videos. It can tell you a lot more about your business, customer experience, details about the audience visiting your site, likes, dislikes, traffic, etc. Tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite fetch information about your site’s performance, allowing you to work on the weak points to improve experience for your audience, thus attracting more followers and potential customers.

Provide value to customers

Everyone likes to be pampered and admired, and firms are not an exception to this. However, the same thing is true for customers as well. However the trick to winning value to customers involves giving them more reasons to connect with you. If you are serious about creating a brand impression on customers, merely selling a product or service would not be sufficient. You need to get out of the shell and provide better after-sales service, and address all customer queries effectively on time.

Take criticism positively

Just think for a while about a world in which you are flattered for every reason, good and bad! After some time you sure will yearn for someone to brickbat you for the bad things. Criticisms are a boon in disguise, giving you an insight about your drawbacks, and revealing voids which needs to be filled with positive energy. Take criticism positively and reach out to your audience, but remember to take the discussions away from the comment section to your business mail, and resolve the issue.

Actively look for comments

Apart from your social profiles there are many online corners where users may be discussing about your brand. You cannot merely ignore those discussions realizing inability to handle them, especially the negative ones, which can seriously damage your brand reputation. How would you search and mend such comments before it’s too late? You need to use brand online reputation tools such as Google Alerts, Tweet Alarm, Social Mention, etc., which will help you fetch results that match your search criteria and manage the situation.

Being regular and awesome

Social media is an online hub of social activities and it’s natural for people to get distracted easily with many things coming up. You’ll be able to remain in their minds and win trust only when you regularly post updates on your social media platforms. However, there are a million sites on the web striving to capture user attention, and your chances of success lies only in creating impressive posts.

Broaden yourself acknowledge others

Sharing different ideas in your social campaigns bring in new thoughts to your social channels, and make them attractive to people. However, when you share someone’s ideas be liberal enough to mention them, rather than projecting the content as yours. Sharing and acknowledging others’ work inspire them to reciprocate your gesture.

Do not be phony, be real

No doubt, business communications are kept formal, but the same tone may not be relevant in social circles. People would not like to talk hardcore business, where they like to spend some lighter moments with friends. However, you can still push your card using creative ways and not interfering with their communications.

Effective social media engagement involves changing the communication to a more casual tone. Using creative techniques to connect with young audience active on smartphone breaks the tradition and extends your business to target customers. However, learning some analytical tricks and tools of the business can take you a long way in achieving big.

How to Develop a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy?

After initial successes working on various ideas and concepts, churning out promotional posts did you ever wonder why social media marketing strategy wanes out after due course?

So How to Develop a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy?

This is not a question bothering only a few marketers, but even top businesses around the world experience the same. But with a difference, top players explore new techniques to generate interests and connect with their target audience, while others wait for solutions.

The reason most social media and marketing strategies flunk is, firms develop strategies, let them run their course and ignore. But they fail to recognize that social media is not a static tool and needs constant up-gradation to suit users’ needs. In fact top businesses understand customer satisfaction and design their processes to improve customer satisfaction.

Learning SMM tricks

Understanding “what is social media marketing” can clear doubts on social media and marketing strategies. Latest trends in social media world is about sharing favorite quotes, products and services, constant profile updates, polls through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. But be warned, there are many other social media platforms which are even more effective and suitable for a firm if properly used.

Apps to connect with people

There are thousands of apps which can help you reach your target audience more effectively. Take a look at some of these interesting social media apps.
Meerkat – Ever thought of live streaming your training programs, chats, updates, interesting shares? Available for iPhone and Android smartphone users, this app allows you to live stream videos, share them across Twitter and save in library. It also allows you to use hashtags (#) to connect with more people.
Blab – Using this app you can see live blabs, search scheduled ones, reply to chat comments. Some even use it to improve professional contacts and grow their business.
Pinterest – Use quality images to represent the content you share and create huge audience for your business.

Building social community

Depending on glossy websites to develop your social media networks can reduce your chances of future business prospects. Using interesting tools such as YouTube or the ones previously mentioned can help you grow a passionate social community with whom you can share product and services at ease.

Content rules

So you have used all means to connect with your audience, but how’s your content? There’s no substitute for a great content especially in social media marketing. Content optimized for search engines and pleasurable for readers can make them visit again. You can use social media optimization services of experts to power your social media strategies.

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Where did they land!

Did you planned where your site visitors should land on your site? Create a perfect landing page for the links you have provided with Pinterest or any other social media posts. Remember these steps open doors of communications with your customers and clients.
Remember to explore new and interesting ways to reach your customers even more effectively. Let your innovative ways create effective social media strategies for your business.