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How to reach more people with Google+

Million ways are available in the web to reach people through social platforms, but which one is better – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus (Google+), or something else? The list may seem to only grow, not to mention the tools and techniques which just multiply, leaving you even more confused! Most will prefer social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but Google+ is also not less in any way, but slightly different from them. Let’s explore more about Google+ as most of the others are discussed to the extreme.

At the outset Google+ seems to be out of touch compared to Facebook, but it is on a different ground, giving you endless options to promote yourself and your Google plus business page. Far away from casual looks of Facebook or the geeky feel of Twitter, Google+ looks clean and refined giving an air of monstrous possibilities.

Google My Business

When your business information is available where people search for you, it is obvious that you’ll be frequently found and visited. Features such as locating your businesses on Google Map, easy access to your website or Google+ info across devices, reviews and user experience about your business helps you develop brand presence. You do not have to leave your browser to see customer reviews and respond to their queries.


Sharing your and other’s experiences is a way to develop new connections, and it is easier to develop goodwill here. You may also start conversations about interesting things and use hashtags (e.g., #iPhone) to make them viral, connecting with everyone looking for the same topic and keep them coming with more interesting discussions. The Google Ripples feature is discontinued, but you can still find the discussions about the topics on “activity on this post” option, or search for what people are talking about your brand or interests by creating related hashtags and find them.

Sharing photos

Adding photos on your Google+ lets people understand your preferences better. You can capture corporate events or office happenings and develop a closer bond with people. It is not surprising that many have done it with great success, enjoying more likes and genuine Google plus followers.

Adding and sharing posts

Also, irrespective of whether it is a photo or video you may include “+1” option at the bottom to let the visitors add your post and share option to help others know. Using “@” to tag people along with their ID to let them know you shared something with them. Tagging option may be another way to connect with key influencers in the Google network and reach out to their followers in case they like your post.


With your email contacts readily available for adding as connections in Google+, you can include more friends, colleagues, and Google plus followers, and also create various circles based on your preference. Creating circles make it even easier to share content based on your preference and suitably target your audience.


In Google+ you can find people sharing similar interests and follow them. If they find your posts interesting they may also start following you giving you more exposure. Follow option is a great way to start developing more relevant connections.

Hangouts on Air

Hangouts on Air enables live video sharing and editing to let your audience connect with you better. There cannot be any other simpler way to attract viral views than this to live telecast your business presentations and trainings or store it for future viewing.

Google+ is way too powerful than its deceiving simple looks. In case the firms explore it further they may be hovering around a potent marketing tool. By little research you can learn more about the tricks of reaching more people. If you develop great connections, active communications, and likings of followers, the effect will be visible even in search engine rankings.

5 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Getting more people to view your YouTube videos involves more than merely creating hype. It involves careful scripting and planning of video, structuring of video content, social media activities, developing connections, etc. As YouTube videos are a great source of training, humor, entertainment, news, and promotion, you need to figure out where your video stands amidst the crowd.

Developing videos keeping your audience in view helps get many views and likes. Some of the tips mentioned here may help you prepare a strategy that really works.

Script your YouTube ideas

Creating a popular video showing funny acts of a kid or a puppy may not need much planning, rather require a good video camera, right timing, and some editing work, accompanied by punch lines. If your video needs to convey a message along with capturing the audience’s interest you need to script the complete experience.

Create a live content

During the initial stages of creating YouTube videos, most people skip suggestions on completing the content, whereas some write just to complete the procedure. Content is the soul of your video and you cannot risk ignoring them. You need to make sure if the content really reflects what you want to convey through your video. YouTube video includes elements such as title, description, and annotation and should be carefully written to attract the audience.

Right keywords, right way

Believe it or not, the keywords are inseparable part of online content, irrespective of whether it is an interesting image or YouTube video. Search engines read them to fetch better results for the users, just like the way the audience does to understand what’s in a video. Whether it is a title or description, the right keywords enhance the user views and clicks. You need to do a little research about the trending keywords related to the topic and use them sharply and effectively keeping your video context in view.

Subscribing and sharing videos

Getting more views on your videos does not mean aggressively posting, and promoting your videos everywhere. Connecting with the people who share similar interests and subscribing to their videos not only develops goodwill, but also creates a closely knitted group to share your ideas and videos. When you open your mind to appreciate others’ ideas they respond by extending their goodwill.

Sharing on social media

Social networking is another way to connect with people and share your experience. YouTube has options to share videos on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Blogger, or other networks by logging in through social media credentials. Alternatively, you may copy the URL and post it in your social media timeline or blog. If your video is humorous and also accompanied by live content it is sure to attract many viewers. If you think a particular friend or colleague may like the video or find it useful, you can help them watch it by tagging their user names in the social media post.
Conveying a message or sharing a humorous or fun moments through videos helps people easily connect with your ideas. Planning your YouTube videos through scripts, using content to arouse the interest of the audience and let search engine get more views.

Best platform for designing your personal website

A personal website is very crucial for individuals to showcase their products and services. However, designing a professional website involves a lot more than just content. You need to develop the right content, design best user interface, and choose the best platform to host your website. Many CMS sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Jekyll, Weebly, and Blogger make blogging a breeze of an experience. If you want to develop a hard performing website, the ones such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and Drupal may be the preferred options.

What’s your requirement?

Individual website requirements change based on purposes such as blogging, news, eCommerce, and community. For personal needs you may not require complex platforms that run the bulk of various plugins, whereas html sites may not give a richer and powerful performance. Understanding your requirement before investing hugely on websites is very important.


If you need a static website and nothing more, Jekyll which is written in Ruby must be enough. Sites developed on Jekyll are simpler, faster, and lighter as they do not have bulky databases. With no options to look for errors in PHP codes, Jekyll is a safer bet compared to WordPress.


If you are an ardent blogger and want all required content development tools and plugins available, choose WordPress With seamless support and updates by professionals around the world bugs are fixed even before they are taken advantage of. Giving you options to connect with its community to share your blogs and subscribe to theirs is an added advantage. Written in PHP, it gives you options to publish content with graphics without the knowledge of HTML or PHP.


This easy to download and install content management tool helps you create trendy blogs effortlessly. With lots of themes available to change the feel, Tumblr is a Pandora box of immense possibilities. You can create blogs and share with other Tumblr users and connect with them. With some yearly payment you can get a custom name for your blog.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby has roots in object oriented programming which makes it faster compared to others. Comprehensive open source code collection along with a rapid application development framework delivers flexibility to adapt to changes. Those needing complex functionalities should opt for Ruby on Rails. However, Ruby may seem a bit slow compared to Java or others, which may become even enhanced with improper coding.


Built with PHP, Drupal is a versatile CMS to work with that helps you effortlessly switch between hosts. It has a secure architecture, which makes it an attractive choice of many for developing more complex websites. You can utilize a single code of Drupal to support many websites. Learning Drupal is an uphill task and switching from 6th to 7th update, even tougher.


How brands engage customers through social media

Social media is a fantastic place to find all your customers and keep them involved in your social media and marketing activities. It is also the place where people share genuine experiences about your products and services. Many brands efficiently manage their social media networks working on the finer aspects of social media optimization strategies.

Checking website analytics

Your social media website is more than just an online collection of posts containing text, images, graphics, and videos. It can tell you a lot more about your business, customer experience, details about the audience visiting your site, likes, dislikes, traffic, etc. Tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite fetch information about your site’s performance, allowing you to work on the weak points to improve experience for your audience, thus attracting more followers and potential customers.

Provide value to customers

Everyone likes to be pampered and admired, and firms are not an exception to this. However, the same thing is true for customers as well. However the trick to winning value to customers involves giving them more reasons to connect with you. If you are serious about creating a brand impression on customers, merely selling a product or service would not be sufficient. You need to get out of the shell and provide better after-sales service, and address all customer queries effectively on time.

Take criticism positively

Just think for a while about a world in which you are flattered for every reason, good and bad! After some time you sure will yearn for someone to brickbat you for the bad things. Criticisms are a boon in disguise, giving you an insight about your drawbacks, and revealing voids which needs to be filled with positive energy. Take criticism positively and reach out to your audience, but remember to take the discussions away from the comment section to your business mail, and resolve the issue.

Actively look for comments

Apart from your social profiles there are many online corners where users may be discussing about your brand. You cannot merely ignore those discussions realizing inability to handle them, especially the negative ones, which can seriously damage your brand reputation. How would you search and mend such comments before it’s too late? You need to use brand online reputation tools such as Google Alerts, Tweet Alarm, Social Mention, etc., which will help you fetch results that match your search criteria and manage the situation.

Being regular and awesome

Social media is an online hub of social activities and it’s natural for people to get distracted easily with many things coming up. You’ll be able to remain in their minds and win trust only when you regularly post updates on your social media platforms. However, there are a million sites on the web striving to capture user attention, and your chances of success lies only in creating impressive posts.

Broaden yourself acknowledge others

Sharing different ideas in your social campaigns bring in new thoughts to your social channels, and make them attractive to people. However, when you share someone’s ideas be liberal enough to mention them, rather than projecting the content as yours. Sharing and acknowledging others’ work inspire them to reciprocate your gesture.

Do not be phony, be real

No doubt, business communications are kept formal, but the same tone may not be relevant in social circles. People would not like to talk hardcore business, where they like to spend some lighter moments with friends. However, you can still push your card using creative ways and not interfering with their communications.

Effective social media engagement involves changing the communication to a more casual tone. Using creative techniques to connect with young audience active on smartphone breaks the tradition and extends your business to target customers. However, learning some analytical tricks and tools of the business can take you a long way in achieving big.

How brands can protect their reputation in 2016

A firm’s brand reputation is something that makes customers identify your business out of the crowd and keeps them admiring your business over and again for years. It decides how your firm fares among the customers in terms of product or service, after-sales service, social media interaction, response time, problem resolution, etc. In these times when every business wants online presence to reach millions of customers, a fine tuned online brand reputation management is a must.

Brand above online activities

However, there are firms like Apple which have been maintaining their brand presence even before the internet came into existence. If your business philosophy is strong enough to rise about all, the world will obviously recognize your brand without any need of additional strategies.

Making voice heard

These days the world is seeing more entrepreneurs and ideas, making it even more difficult to get your voice heard out of the crowd. However, if your business has the required attributes to serve customers better than others, there’s no reason why you should not publicize and extend it to the online audience as well. Websites, blogs, articles, social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and applications like Skype and WhatsApp are great options to reach the right people and boost your brand marketing.

Speed breaker ahead

Even though social media tools open a wide range of avenues, they are not without hitches. Chances of competitors posting negative comments about your brand, and unsatisfied customers openly airing their poor experience with customer care or products are high. Negative experiences go viral faster, sinking your ship faster than you expected.

Get professional help

You cannot merely leave your website at the mercy of fate. Only a professional approach and tireless efforts to serve customers ensures protection for your brand identity reputation. There are many brand identity firms and tools to effectively handle your brand presence.

Brand reputation management tools

Some of the tools mentioned here can be of great help keeping your brand protected and going great.

  • Trackur

Trackur fetches results mentioning your brand giving you faster option to detect and respond to the people around the world. It is an excellent analytical tool to brace up your marketing strategy to identify marketing efforts which can work positively.

  • ReputationDefender

ReputationDefender lets you manage reputation by removing negative comments about your brand anywhere on the web. It gets your website checked, suggests positive changes, and eliminates negative pages that can show your website in poor light, thus pushing your website results up.

  • Garlik

Identity theft can snatch or malign your identity, draining all your finances and pushing the business into an abyss of problems. Garlik helps you detect the possibilities of data theft and loss of finance, thus keeping you protected while you confidently search the web.

  • Google Alerts

Get alerts about the mention of your brand and gives you control over online reputation management. Google Alerts is free, and an excellent DIY online reputation management service tool that assures safe online experience.

Managing comments

Responses of businesses to the comments of online audience can be a very crucial brand reputation management move that can bring more fans or leave you without any. Professionally handling the comments and using the reputation management tools to eliminate spam, keeps you and your brand safe.
Year 2016 is sure to bring more challenges in brand reputation management with Google working on all loose ends to fetch the right results. Powering your social media profiles with rich and useful content, and professionally managing your firm through online reputation management services keeps you on track.

How to use Google Trends for SEO in 2016

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the top priority of digital marketers since long time due to the immense opportunities available for conversions. Google Trends is an excellent tool to get the most of SEO in 2016. Allowing the users a detailed access to what is trending online can open up unlimited possibilities.

Google Trends features

In this blog we will explore the features of Google Trends and the way SEO professionals can exploit them to their advantage.

  • Explore

Google Trends allows users to search topics based on options such as Worldwide (country specific), 2008-present (time specific), All Categories (topics such as People & Society, Arts & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicles, etc.), and Search options (Web, Image, News, Google Shopping, YouTube). Option to view graphs on various topics is a great way to get an estimate of people’s interests.

  • Trending Searches

Details on trending/rising topics, and number of searches based on time and country enable individuals and businesses having varied interests such as politics, sports, business, etc., get the pulse of the latest happenings. With easily accessible trending news along with other metrics based on region may prove to be an effective tool to channelize social media strategies.

  • Trending on YouTube

This feature in Google Trends fetches trending YouTube videos revealing their local and global views; safety filter option gives safe and uninterrupted access to top videos. Clean interface makes it easier to cover all updates based on days. Considering search engines have affinity for only trending topics, absence of other filtering options can be given an exception. But in case a user wants to search videos based on topics over a stretch of time this may come as a shortcoming.

  • Top Charts

Go to the Google Trends Top Charts and you will find the top search topics 2008 onwards, based on countries. Social media and ecommerce sites which bank on trending topics are sure to make the most of it.

How Google Trends differ from others

Many sites such as Yahoo and Twitter show trending news, but what makes Google Trends different from them all? While Yahoo’s Trending Now leads to Yahoo respective search results, Twitter trending to trending hashtags, Google gives you something else! It creates graphs on trending searches such as “Deadpool,” fetches product queries, and enables you to compare topics.  It also gives away details such as region of interest and trending percentage, which can be of great help for marketers.

Keyword ranking

Keyword ranking is not the favorite criteria for Google this year as it is unreliable due to negative keywording. However, internet marketing professionals can make use of this Google Trends feature to concentrate on the keywords frequently searched by the users and improve their content.

Geo targeting

User queries along with location details and the amount of search reveal the demand for a particular product or service. Search marketers can use this feature to identify the demand and align their marketing strategies towards it.

Newsjacking potboilers

Hot searches option allows digital marketers to work on counter strategies to invite traffic to their blogs and articles. News jacking is the term used for such activities in which commonly talked topics are hijacked to yield newsjackers’ purpose.

Keeping tab on competitors

Using compare option in the Google Trends, the search marketers can monitor the customers’ interest about the competitors’ products. With no need to search for metrics elsewhere, you are better equipped to get a quick insight into your future strategy.

How PPC Fits into Your online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing involves using techniques such as pay per click advertising (PPC), display ads, mobile advertising, email advertising, etc. In contrast to traditional marketing techniques they help businesses reach global audiences, specifically target products based on parameters such as age group, gender, and interest, saving time as well as money.

Even though many firms are active on digital marketing some bank on organic search for generating leads, while others go on a war footing and take risky methods such as PPC ad campaigns. Some are yet to catch up with the trend and ruminate about the technique just to keep it aside considering it as useless.

Understanding what is pay per click campaign, and how it fits into your online marketing strategy helps one understand the potential of this technique.

Pay to get visibility

Pay per click is an online advertising technique that gives visibility to your business ads through paid online ads. You pay Google to buy certain keywords relevant to your product or service, and for every user click on it. Through this technique you are reaching out to millions of online audience who can be potential customers.

Impressions to build connections

Google displays your PPC ads in the search results for the frequently searched keywords on which you have bid. Every time a PPC ad is displayed on the screen, an impression is said to be created, irrespective of whether the user observes it or not.

Bidding for keywords and conversions

For every user click on your PPC ad you will be charged the PPC bid amount, thus adding to your PPC expenses. Extra care is needed during bidding as the amount may add up to a very big sum, if a limit is not set. Click frauds involve fake clicks generated by competitors as well online bots.

Using tools to check click frauds

Even though the search engine eliminates click frauds and credits the clicks back to advertisers, they need to keep a tab on invalid clicks and report them as invalid clicks deplete the chances of visibility. Using tools such as AdSense Plugin may help when a user clicks on a PPC ad several times.

Get conversions via clicks

Finally, it is not the clicks, but the conversions that matter most to us. Whether the clicks lead to conversion or not, indicates the effectiveness of your PPC ads. However, genuine clicks may create impressions which may bring relevant traffic and in turn conversions.

Spending carefully, not emotionally

You need to carefully decide the bid amount as there are chances of a bidding war over a keyword or ego-based bidding leading to an amount that add up to an amount several times higher than your profit.


PPCs are an excellent choice if you have enough fund for promotion and want to kick start your business. It also gives you an access to online audience, which forms a great source of potential customers.

Brings active visibility

In contrast to organic searches, the paid searches actively push themselves out of the heap of information and show themselves to the customers.

Highly targeted ads

PPC ads use highly searched Google Adwords keywords which are target audience specific and displayed to the right customers, hence increasing the chances of generating loyalty and conversions.

Lean and effective

They are lean, powerful advertisements designed to capture user attention within seconds. How a PPC ad is designed is also important, as ads lacking direction look like junk and get ignored.

Marketing techniques have evolved drastically over the years, thanks to digital marketing. The result, you can reach an audience who is not accessible for direct sales. Pay per click management by a PPC expert acts as the virtual sales tool that helps you achieve what direct sales does for your business, actively coming in the visibility of online users. As the world goes digital, your chances of success lies in adapting to new ways and still remain in the game.

How to Develop a Test Plan for Websites

Building a test plan that works for every business process is a challenge as each works in a different way. However, if you look at the way businesses function its processes represent the miniature forms of broader machinery. Similar to the way the businesses are developed around a concept, processes also take form.

Performance testing comes when the product is already developed, and waits debugging. In other cases it may be just a step to assess the current performance of the business or website. So here we consider the product has passed through the stages of conceptualization, feasibility study, flowchart, and development. However, testing has to be carried out at every stage of development to ascertain whether the intended objective is achieved.

A website development team consists of web designer, developer, content development and search engine optimization individuals who work on different aspects of the website. Key performance indicator (KPI) elements in web development would be graphical user interface design, navigation, speed of loading, and search engine optimized content.

Graphical user interface design

A website should essentially reflect the underlying concept which defines the business and its processes. Formal themes go for legal, medical, business, and government websites, whereas advertising, entertainment, fine art or related websites can flaunt creative and casual tone.


Content in the website should have backlinks that lead the user to useful information. As users spend only a few minutes to browse web pages, you need to capture the attention within those couple of minutes. Cluttered arrangement can only increase the frustration for the user.

Loading speed

The nimbler the website enhanced will be the user experience. You need to have lighter images, accurate codes, crisper content, and well-defined navigation for the website to function faster.

Search engine optimized content

A website with targeted content that addresses the user requirement and presents the firm’s products and services effectively increases chances of appearing in search. Also, the content should be strong in grammar and ideation which grips the reader’s attention.

Once the website is tested for those elements, other web analytics come into the picture. But prior to that, web spiders need to crawl on your site and index the elements in it. So you can work with analytics after your website starts performing fetching organic results.

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Web analytics

Web analytics reveal details regarding hits, page views, bounce rates, page view duration, click paths, clicks, etc. The pages a user visits, time spent on pages, buttons clicked, sequence of page views, all say something about the website. It exposes the areas where your website struggles to deliver the intended results.

Responsive web designing

The way your website is accessed via different mobile devices tells volumes about user experience. Websites optimized for easy viewing enhance user experience resulting in more subscriptions and conversions.

Key performance indicator enables businesses eliminate loopholes in the website and ensure the best experience for the customers.

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How to generate leads through Facebook


Knowing how to generate leads through or using Facebook keeps your phone ringing with calls of potential clients! Facebook is a powerful social media platform to connect with friends, family, followers, customers and clients. And when it comes to converting leads, it opens galore of options to make your clients love you.

Facebook is one of the important source on how to generate leads through online social media

Ways to connect and generate leads using Facebook

For a social butterfly, Facebook means sharing photos and videos, and updating status of whereabouts. But for a social media marketer it’s about connecting with people, creating leads, and bringing business to the company. Facebook comes bundled with exciting networking options to connect with millions.


Offers and competitions

Everyone loves offers and competitions, as they hold some surprising packages and gifts! Use this chance to give away your products and services as promotional offers, and also build customer loyalty. Run Facebook sweepstakes ,contests,campaigns and group offers to get your customers involved.

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Customized tabs get leads

You’ve many things to offer – newsletters, ebooks, pre-loaded webinars, and gifts; get customized tabs that allow the users to share their emails and access the goodies in store for them. But make sure, you use their email to develop trust instead of sending data that spoil your business reputation.


Don’t be a spammer

Your business mailers can become boring junk and end up as spam mails! Intelligently planned Facebook campaigns can prevent that and make your customer love to subscribe those business mails. But make sure to make those mailers interesting and rich with content.


Content speaks

Your clients hunt for something interesting and useful, take care you include the best content that gives everything they want. A boring content on your Facebook can lose them forever.

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Beautiful images seal the deal

Get images, plenty of them, to make your Facebook world look vibrant. Images speak much more than words. Get right images, designed to convey the message of your content; or get them the ethical way.


Datascribe Technologies Inc provides social media services that speak for your brand. Helping organizations develop beautiful niches for themselves is our passion. We’re here to make your world appeal to your customers.


We value our customers and take care they become successful in their endeavors and stay with us forever.

Create a better world, connect with social media

We’ve some of the best teams that love to understand your social media requirements and create a best interface of communication. When it is the quality you all need in every piece of work, do remember to reach us.


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How to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

Making money via internet has been the hot topic of discussion for some time, and promoting affiliate products through blogs is one such method. PPC, display, and banner ads, email marketing, blogs, and articles are some of the techniques used for the purpose. Some individuals and firms inspired by these concepts achieved great success, while others failed due to many obvious reasons.

In this blog we will explore ways for a successful promotion of affiliate products. But before stepping in to test the waters we need to know what is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

It is a technique where businesses reward the individuals whose online efforts bring conversions for them. Be it a well-designed landing page, review or coupon code post, how to article, email marketing blog, banners sidebar, or testimonial, affiliate marketing has helped people unlock fortune.

Here are some of the insights that will help you fine tune your promotion strategy and earn huge bucks via internet.

Review posts

Choose the product you like the most and write a review post about it. This helps you break the ice as a conversational tone will make people readily connect with you. By doing so you’ll be directly addressing the individuals’ looking for questions on the product.

Featured posts

You definitely want your blog post to offer something interesting. A featured post is one which appears when your blog posts are opened, making them directly visible to the readers. Options to activate this feature may be available in the publishing visibility settings.

Coupon code posts

When was the last time you used coupon code to get a discount on your movie ticket or product purchase? I bet it was recently, as these days’ businesses often use this technique to push products and clear stocks of the month. You can write affiliate blog posts offering the product along with its code, and making it irresistible for your readers.

Email lists

Sometimes they can work alone, sometimes they need blending for the right effect. Email auto responders help you connect better with your readers and notify them individually and wholly when a new blog or review comes up in your offering list. As the internet is flooded with many sources you’d not like your voice lost in strident noises of the crowd.


What kind of banners you allow on your blog page? Banners featuring similar products will only confuse the readers (e.g., Avast Antivirus and AVG Antivirus). You can choose banners of products with different features, or tools of a particular product niche, and encourage more click-through rates (CTR). If your content is about different products use Ad Rotate plug-in to let it automatically choose banners based on your products.

Testimonial power

Testimonials about a product, service, or content builds trust about the offering. Even when you share the content for free initially, remember that you are building a broader audience base that would follow your activities regularly.